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Organic Raw Cotton Tan Beige Natural color for kids face mask facemask comfortable hypoallergenic breathable covering hand made gentle

Organic Raw Cotton Face Masks

Organic Native Peruvian Cotton Masks are breathable, undyed, and good for your child and the environment. These are just some of the benefits of this ancient Pakucho cotton.

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Eco Friendly Organic Gift Box Set Bundle Pima Cotton Basket present for baby shower layette wooden teether in cloud or heart shape hat beanie with knot kimono top pants bodysuit long sleeve Pan American Apparel Infant Hand Made hypoallergenic

The Eco-Friendly Gift Box

Give the gift of eco-friendly balance, for the good of the earth and your little one. Pan American Apparel's perfect gift boxes are filled with natural fabric, sustainably made, heirloom quality clothes.

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hand made slow fashion benefits better for the environment zero waste forward thinking eco friendly mindful consumer

Why Slow Fashion?

The Fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. In addition, most children's clothing are made of synthetic fibers or questionable materials. What choices are parents left with when deciding how to dress their little ones?

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