100 percent Baby Alpaca Romper and Ear Hat Set in Gray with Buttons


Ecobebe is a Peruvian baby brand made with the finest certified organic cotton and baby alpaca wool. They design garments to offer comfort, softness and protection to babies delicate skin as well as an elegant fashion choice for the little ones.

Ecobebe combines the great Peruvian fibers with their wide experience in textile business and baby apparel design to offer high quality products made with care, love and respect for the environment.

Their brand is committed to design and manufacture "a great sustainable product" by using the best baby alpaca fibers and 100% certified organic cotton, working with local workshops (owned by women to promote their empowerment) and reusing the supplies of each production whenever is possible.

 Ecobebe Logo Peruvian Organic Pima Cotton and baby Alpaca Partner


Pan American Apparel is proud to make available Ecobebe's top quality products for you and for your baby.