Our Story. The origin of our concept and mission of Pan American Apparel. We aim to source Natural and Ethically, and Sustainably made Fashion for Babies and Children.

Selva Calderon Founder of Pan American Apparel with her family

Our Founder

 "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Jane Goodall 

PAA was dreamed up by Selva Calderon, a mother living the modern life with her family of seven in small town America. She searched for a way for her children to live a more balanced life with the earth, so she reached to her Peruvian roots and brought natural beauty from underserved artisans to eco-conscious families like hers around the globe.

Our Story

We know it’s easy to fall into the "fast-fashion" trap. Clothes are more accessible, more “affordable”, and sold in larger quantities. But at what cost to your child's health, to the laborers, and to the environment? When they say you get what you pay for, it is never more true than in children’s clothing. PAA not only has set out to bring sustainable, organic baby and children’s clothing to you, but also to fill the ethical fashion gap as a whole globally. Every purchase you make from Pan American Apparel shifts the trajectory of the clothing industry.
At our core, we believe the world benefits when we show responsibility to our environment, our children, and the hands that do the work.

Alpaca wool bonnet on baby with scarf
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Our Mission

Pan American Apparel brings sustainable, luxury products from underserved global producers to the front of the world market, with the health of our customers, the prosperity of our partners, and love of the earth in mind.

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Lovingly and carefully handmade by underserved artisans from around the globe, resulting in the highest quality clothing and products for your little one.

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We can meet the needs of our babies and children, while also understanding the needs of the producers, workers, and the earth. 

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We do our part. From decreasing our carbon footprint, to sustainably producing our products, to doing right by the makers. It is all for you, for the health of our little ones, and for the love of the Earth and it's future.

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When you support Pan American Apparel, you bring beauty, balance, and responsibility into your child's life. Thank you!