The Benefits of Alpaca Fiber for Your Little One

Pan American Apparel has chosen Alpaca fiber for our wool knits. But, why?

Why choose Alpaca with Pink Baby Alpaca Romper in background

Imagine living in the harsh climate and altitude of the Andes...

You would evolve to have THE perfect fleece coat. Like polar bear fur, each fiber is hollow (think maximum warmth!) air is able to spread throughout the surface and become trapped inside for an incredible cozy experience. This, and many other properties make Alpaca wool Warm, Durable, and Healthy for your little one and the environment. We can't wait to share what we learned as we researched Alpaca wool, one of the most luxurious fibers in the world.


Alpaca wool is Warm, Durable, and Healthy for your little one and Kind to the Environment



    "Are they too hot?" or "Are they warm enough?"...The questions we ask ourselves when dressing our little ones to play outside. The answer is Alpaca Wool. It will keep your little one warm while making sure they don’t overheat. Remember the microscopic air pockets we mentioned earlier? They provide great insulation and keep your little one warm during the winter. These same air pockets allow for maximum breathability, which will prevent your little one from overheating. This property is the reason that a high-quality sweater or romper made from Alpaca wool will keep your little one warmer than a synthetic heavy jacket.

Due to those same microscopic air pockets, alpaca wool is very lightweight! Lighter outwear means your little one stays comfortable and is more likely to keep that fancy Alpaca sweater on and play outside longer!


Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight and silky. However, this luxury fiber has great strength and durability. Adorable alpacas have evolved to be tough and strong, surviving long, cold Andean winters.  As we mentioned, Alpacas do not produce lanolin, which attracts dust and dirt, so your garments will require less washing. Beautiful alpaca pieces will lasts longer than most any other luxury fiber, including other wools, cashmere, and silk. These attributes make Pan American Apparel's high quality Baby Alpaca clothing a heirloom that can be passed to younger siblings and through generations. 


Alpaca wool has different features which make it a very healthy fabric for your little one. Alpaca wool is anti-microbial and anti-fungal naturally. Like all wools, it is also naturally fire resistant. It is also unattractive to dust mites, making it ideal for bedding products like duvets and covers. Alpaca wool wicks away moisture keeping the body dry when it is sweating, or when diapers are wet! 

It is hypoallergenic for many reasons, but a little known reason is that, since it doesn’t contain lanolin, those allergic to sheep wool can safely use Alpaca wool. This also means 100% Alpaca fiber clothing is not itchy or irritating! And another perk: It absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

    Kind to the Planet

    Raising Alpacas in the Andes doesn’t harm the environment. They are in their natural habitat! Alpacas are shorn once a year, without harm. Creating Alpaca wool products doesn't require detrimental chemicals to be used. Because alpaca wool comes in 22 natural colors from white, beige, brown, gray up to black even dyeing is minimal. Alpaca wool doesn't have to be imported from half a world away, such as Australia or New Zealand like other luxury fibers like Merino, and so it has a much a smaller carbon footprint!

    At Pan American Apparel, we bring you the Baby Alpaca Fleece Wool Collection because we know Alpaca wool is warm, durable, and healthy for your little one. It is simply the BEST we could make available to you. Each 100% Baby Alpaca piece we carry is handmade by artisans in Peru. Clothing made from Alpaca wool used to be reserved for Incan and Native royalty. This treasure from the Andes is now available to your little one. 



    Today Peruvian artisans share with us their heritage, and we honor this privilege by making sure that they are treated and paid fairly. 


     Baby Alpaca Fleece Wool Collection for baby and toddlers

    One Last Fact!

    What is Baby Alpaca?
    The term "baby alpaca" refers to a type of alpaca fiber that is rare, and the grading of the fineness of the fiber. It's the softest part of an adult Alpaca, which is usually the chest, not the age of the animal.


    We are looking forward to bringing you even more beautiful Baby Alpaca pieces to you throughout the year! What kind of clothing would you like to see? Pants, sweaters, diaper covers? Email us at to start a conversation!



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