Our Story

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 "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." Jane Goodall. 

Selva at four years old, modeling a traditional Peruvian Andean dance dress in Trujillo, Peru.

PAA was created by Selva Calderon, a mother living the modern life with her family of seven in small town America. She searched for a way for her children to live a more balanced life with the earth, so she reached to her Peruvian roots and brought natural beauty from underserved artisans to eco-conscious families like hers around the globe.

Selva and her youngest, Gloria.

This is how Pan American Apparel was born. At our core, we believe the world benefits when we show responsibility to our environment, our children, and the hands that do the work. 


Pan American Apparel is ethical fashion for your little one and the answer to the fast fashion dilemma.

Pakucho cotton worker. Photo rights belong to Dr. James Vreeland.   

When you support Pan American Apparel, you bring beauty, balance, and responsibility into your child's life. Thank you for taking part in our vision!