Camel Brown, Tan turtle neck hanging on a hanger. Gender Neutral long sleeve organic pakucho cotton top.

Camel Turtle Neck Organic Peruvian Native Cotton Long Sleeve Tee for Children

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The turtle neck that will never go out of style. Elevate your little one's wardrobe with this rich camel brown, organic cotton turtle neck made of Pakucho cotton, a natural fabric that is hypoallergenic, breathable, cool and super soft to the touch.

Our Pakucho cotton tees have amazing benefits:

  • The fabric is undyed, which means that the colors you see are the natural pigments of the harvested cotton. No dyes equals no runoff and no water used for dyeing. Safer for the environment!
  • Hypoallergenic-Organic and undyed also means this fabric is less processed and as raw and natural as possible. Fewer processes and chemicals means less irritants and the safest fabric for your little one's sensitive skin.
  • Cozy neck and roomy fit will make this turtle neck your little one's favorite top!

Beautifully designed. Thoughtfully made. Brought fair trade to your little one.

What is Peruvian Native Cotton? The artisan, Child's Way, uses fabric produced by Naturtex, a Global Organic Textile Standard, and Fair Trade certified company. This eco-friendly company uses Pakucho cotton, from the Quechua Incan word for 'brown cotton'. These cottons naturally grow in these colors, so there's no dye at all.
These native, ancient heritage varieties of cotton were almost lost to industrialization and the popularity of the quick and easy white cotton. By supporting our companies, you are directly supporting biodiversity and the amazing heritage of native cottons.

Our collection of Organic Peruvian Native Cotton is handmade for Pan American Apparel in small batches by our thoughtful Peruvian partner Child's Way.

Care: Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry.